The Wounded

Torn sunset.

Even the light is surrounded

None of us want to be one, but we are all qualified.  We are all wounded.

We are not dealing with scraped knees or paper-cuts that are healed with magic Band-aids or a kiss. We are wrestling with the realities of deep wounds. Gashes that cut beyond the skin and into the muscle, nerve and bone of our souls.

The wounds caused by another’s choice to wield their power dangerously,
the consequences of our own bad choices
or even the wounds caused just because we live in a broken world.

Wounds take time and tending to heal.  Unlike scrapes, tended on the couch, wounds require urgent or emergency services.  Services that can only be given at a hospital and maybe even the surgical room.  Some wounds have to be explored before they can be cleansed and mended.  And such is the case with wounds of our souls.

Too often, we tend to slap the catch all Band-Aid of forgiveness on every wound.  Pushing a wounded soul to forgive without understanding their wound is similar to placing anti-biotic ointment on a stab wound.  Yes, forgiveness is part of the healing, but it is not all of it.  How do you forgive when you aren’t clear whom you are forgiving and for what?

Here is where we face the darkness of our wounds.  We seek God’s guidance to show us the extent of the wounding that set in motion our soul’s agreement with lies.

For when we know the truth about our wounds, then we can be set free.  When we see how deep, how far, how wide our wounds extend ~ then we see that God’s great love goes deeper and reaches farther and wider. 

Though healing from our wounds is a personal journey, healing happens in community.  Discovering that you are not alone in the journey, that others have made it out, that someone else can speak words of hope is essential.  After all, if the secrets that have held us for so long remain secrets they remain in the dark.  Here we seek to create a community of those who are healing so our secrets may be brought to the light… together.

©Cheryl Meakins, 2013

Blog posts categorized as Wounded are topics surrounding the deep personal journey out of a wounded heart.  In this category we will share about wounds of our bodies, souls and spirits.  If you want to review just the posts on Wounded you can click on the Wounded tab of the bold purple box at the top left of the blog.

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