#BraveGrace @ #WildflowerRanch

A take on Monet's poppies to inspire the prayers for Wildflower Ranch

A take on Monet’s poppies to inspire the prayers for Wildflower Ranch

Most of us here at WoundedHealerWarrior are

Survivors of Suffering

Victims learning to be Victors

and Advocates for those recovering from Abuse.


It is because of your hearts that I write today.

About five years ago I attended a Faith and Justice conference in Colorado Springs, CO. This event was one of many entry points into understanding the atrocity of human trafficking and the early movement to seek places of healing for those who had become victims. What caught my attention was our domestic fight, right here in the good ole’ U.S.A.

Human trafficking is a worldwide issue but I couldn’t recover from the knowledge that we have battlegrounds here in my backyard. Colorado happens to be a hot spot because of our intersecting highways. Making it ideal not just to set up business but to transport victims through and out of state. Just this week a human trafficking ring was busted at our National Western Stock Show.

This is where Restore Innocence caught my eye. Back then they were just beginning and their dream was to eventually provide residential care facilities for trafficking survivors.

Today they continue their initial program of providing law enforcement officers with backpacks for the girls rescued from human trafficking. These backpacks contain a change of clothing, personal care items and a few items of encouragement. In addition, Restore Innocence has successfully started their first residential care facility, Cinderella House, and are working TODAY on opening their second, Wildflower Ranch.

They are seeking out individuals and groups to sponsor rooms at Wildflower Ranch so they can become a state licensed residential care facility.


This idea wouldn’t let me go.

Sponsor a room?

Where two girls will find safety and full care to heal from the abuse of human trafficking?

I’m in.


And so I extend the invitation to each of you today.

Would you like to be a part of sponsoring our room, Brave Grace, at Wildflower Ranch?

If so please leave a comment on this post and a way for me to contact you. I would love to see our army surrounding this ministry and the girls who will live in #BraveGrace at #WildflowerRanch.


Wildflower Ranch



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