The Shoreline of Grace

crashing waveOur footprints lingered on the sand only long enough for the next wave to wash them away. 

I walked hand in hand with my husband, sauntering as the wind whipped my hair back from my eyes.  We enjoyed the comfort of silent communication.

Early in our walk there were families playing Frisbee or volleyball.  Laughter floated on the breeze and mixed with an occasional sea gull’s cry and countless conversations.  Still other families kept one eye on their little ones playing while the other tended their dinner as it sizzled away on their small grill.

We kept walking down the beach and the sounds faded into the distance as our feet dodged the cold rinse of the waves.  The rhythm of the waves seemed a lullaby, like the gentle rocking in a mother’s arms.  I sensed my shoulders setting lower, my breath cleansing deeper, and a languid smile creeping ever so slightly up my cheeks.

And an old song quietly rose to my mind…

“Grace upon Grace, like the waves on the shore,

Always enough, Always more

Grace upon Grace, like the waves on the shore,

All that we need is ours from the Lord.”

I found myself in a state of rest and comfort but as I studied the waves I was grateful that I was not caught in their fierce grip.  Water is, after all, nature’s most powerful force.  As I watched the waters on the shore be drawn out and up into the next line of foaming breakwaters I awakened to a new aspect of grace I had never pondered before.

Long before a wave hits the shore where my toes grip the sand, I can hear the wave.  Mighty, rushing and roaring waters, like a lion rushing toward its prey, pounding the shore in unbridled strength and yet, by the time this wave reaches my toes it trickles like a running brook over my feet.

And I am not washed only by a wave, but continually washed by the unlimited supply of the ocean.

God’s grace is an ocean, an unlimited supply, rolling and stirring the depths with its constant motion towards me.  

Like the waves Grace is never exhausted and should never be underestimated. 

Like an incoming wave, Grace pursues my sin, as Aslan pursued the White Witch of Narnia

Grace is mighty and powerful and something that merits our awe.

Yet by the time this fierce rush of Grace reaches my heart, it gently washes over me,

bringing in my righteousness and drawing out my sin.

Long before my feet hit the next section of beach, the wave that would meet them was already forming and rushing to me.

In other words, as I am getting ready to sin God’s grace is already mounting, rising up, pounding the enemy and making its way to my sinful shore.

God’s grace is like the waves on the shore

Always enough

Always more

All that I need is mine from the Lord.

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