Looking Below the Surface

photo credit: Irum Shahid

photo credit: Irum Shahid

I was challenged today to stop and look below the surface of life. 


I like my pond with its serene surface.  So reflective, calm, inviting.

Someone made ripples on my pond.

I focus on the ripples not even giving thought to the rock that was hurled at me.

The rocks, the ones buried in the deep and dark places of my pond require me to let go of the ripples and dive deeper.

It’s cold and wet.  It scares me.  I can’t breathe there.

Pain lodged in the deepest parts.

What do I do with those rocks?

I must ease into the depths in a safe rhythm of diving and breathing.  Exploring all the rocks contained in my hidden landscape.

It takes courage to dive. 

To tell all of my heart.


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