Look Who is in Bloom! – Ms. Azalea

Ms. Azalea in bloomI am so excited!

Ms. Azalea is still with me and looking gorgeous.

I grew concerned this summer thinking I wasn’t giving her what she needed because I didn’t see any blooms on her for the longest time.

You know if a plant is in drought mode it will focus all the energy on photosynthesis, the green of growth, and leave the blooms, the reproduction process, for another season.  Since my biggest failure with plants is in simply giving them water, they mostly survive in drought seasons.

Thus, my concern that she would never bloom again.  After all, I am still learning to care for her needs as I learn to care for myself.

I’ve recently embarked on a weight loss journey as well, part of the whole self-care thing.  I had decent success at the beginning but seemed to stall out.  Thankfully I was smart enough to take my measurements and weight at the beginning of my weight-loss quest.  (No, I’m not sharing the measurements or the weight here – still working on that vulnerability thing)

After a few weeks at the same weight I was headed into big discouragement. You know the kind where you just give up because it’s not doing any good anyway.

Until (insert prompting of God) I remembered that I was also looking at inches and not just pounds.

I rushed to the bathroom and unrolled the tape measure.

I may not have lost weight but I lost inches!

How many times in our spiritual lives do we set goals to grow?  Almost always, I think the “fruit on the vine” is the evidence of my growth.  If there are no grapes than I must be doing something wrong.

  • My goal with Ms. Azalea was to see blooms.
  • My goal with weight-loss got narrowed down to the weight.
  • My goal with Christ was seeing “fruit on the vine”

And herein lies my problem. 

I quite often use the wrong measurements for my growth.

Ms. Azalea, an indoor variety, will only bloom twice a year.  I was expecting blooms out of season!

Weight-loss is a crazy roller coaster and if you are only looking at the weight and not the measurements of your body – discouragement will become part of the journey.

Let’s be honest here, we would all love to continually bear fruit (see my devotional on Dead Heading) but God uses the examples of growing things to remind us of seasons.  There are seasons of fruit and seasons of rest.  And even during the seasons of rest the roots of the plant are growing continually – We just can’t see the roots.

  • Self-care
  • Loving myself
  • Honoring God’s creation of me

Requires me understanding the rules of growth and measuring that growth by using the right measurements.

  • Ms. Azalea will not bloom out of season.
  • My weight-loss is also measured in inches.
  • My spiritual growth is guaranteed, whether I see it or not because

He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. (Philippians 1:6)

If you are discouraged today.

If you believe life is taking you backwards.

Maybe you are using the wrong measure.

  • He is faithful
  • He will never leave you or forsake you
  • The work of healing is a journey without a specific arrival date

Be gentle with God’s beautiful creation of you!

And ask him to give you the right measuring tool.

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2 responses to “Look Who is in Bloom! – Ms. Azalea

  1. God is faithful, as we move through challenging times, he gives us the grace we need. Thanks for sharing.

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