When Jesus Asked me to Dance – part two

250px-Vernon_and_Irene_Castle2The song ends and I find myself not wanting to stop now that I have begun.

“Don’t stop leading me, don’t let go of my hand” I plead.

His smile lights up His eyes as a new song begins.

This one lighter and He invited me again to enter His masterful embrace.


He doesn’t hold me as close for he longs to see my eyes.

The exchange of joy between our gazes seems in perpetual motion.  The longer his eyes linger on mine the more joy builds and I give it back to him.


He extends His arm and I stand. Ready for the next adventure.


He whispers “Just hold the frame”


I lock my arms in position, my right extended to his left.  My left on his shoulder, elbow up and ready.

We waltz.  The steady 1, 2, 3…1, 2, 3… of the count brings confidence to our movement and suddenly he is spinning me, drawing me in and extending our line as one.  I chuckle surprised at his pizzazz and flair.  Flattered that he could make me look so gracious.

He says again, “Hold the Frame!”

He calls to my strength.  He invites me to hold him as he holds me.  To match and mirror his movement.

With frame in place He adds in intricacies.

The footwork increases and becomes more and more embellished.   I feel flushed at the fun work and my quiet giggling turns to out-loud laughter.

The song ends with bravado and I realize

how gently,

how easily he has led me

from mourning to dancing.


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“Frame is the body shape maintained by dancers during partner dancing. Specifically, frame refers to the shape of the upper body of the dancers relative to the rest of the dancer’s body and the body of the dancer’s partner.

The frame provides connection between the dance partners, making leading and following possible. A frame is a stable structural combination of both bodies maintained through the dancers’ arms and/or legs, and allows the leader to transmit body movement to the follower, and for the follower to suggest ideas to the leader.” ~ Wikipedia


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