The Prayer of the Wounded~Healer~Warrior

prayerPrecious Lord Jesus

As your daughters and sons, we thank you for taking us in.

Though wounded You love us beyond our imaginings.


Help us to be brave and face our wounds

Sitting in the pain long enough for you to reveal the lies that have taken root

In deep and hidden places

And in the moments that lies are revealed, train our ears to hear your voice speaking the truth

About our form, our names, our being in you.

Teach us how to run shame out of our souls

By courageously moving our wounds out of isolation and into the healing community.

And when you ask us to dance may we reach out of our darkness and into your light;

Taking your hand as you lead us to the dance floor.

Help us to follow your lead with beauty and abandon.



Show us Lord, how to BE at home in your love.

Transform our Wounded-ness to Broken-ness.

Empower us to walk with each other, arm and arm, into your Healing Presence.

At peace, may we leave our wounded sisters in your kind and gentle hands;

Allowing you to finish the healing that you have begun.

Help us, oh Lord, to be vigilant over our hearts. 

When we trigger, teach us how to take responsibility for our present circumstance

While we allow you to enter our past.

Give us your eyes, Sweet Jesus, to see the divinely revealed Image of You in our sisters and brothers.

Father, teach us how to make our community safe by honoring another’s journey.

Help us to remember our times of grief and sorrow so we may weep with those who weep.

And release us into realms of rejoicing we have never known.

We place ourselves in your boot camp.

Teach our hands to war.

Show us how to battle in formation, side by side on the wall.

Reveal to us how your armor is custom-fit for each one.

Help us learn to simply be with you so all of our doing fulfills the call of bringing your kingdom to this earth.

And in all of our doing may we say…Yes Lord, I’ll Do It Broken.

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2 responses to “The Prayer of the Wounded~Healer~Warrior

  1. Cheryl, this was beautiful! Perfect!

    And it looks like I have found at least 1 partner to personally do the MTS program with….maybe 2. (not facilitating a group, just going through it personally like we’re supposed to). My last post was about His answer: I had specifically asked that He BRING the women to me…that they would approach me & not ME approaching or asking anyone. One woman knew about my training & asked me about it….the other knew nothing! I just felt led to talk to her in general & all of a sudden she was telling me about her life, her brokenness, her experience & that she couldn’t afford counseling anymore but still needed more healing. That she had prayed about it. Whoa…..overwhelming! Hope you’re doing well.

    • Chrystal! I was just praying for you this week… wondering how the journey was going as you walked into his direction for your brave and courageous heart. How beautiful He is to answer your request because He wants you to know from the get-go that He is with you! Excited to hear more – Be well Sister and Be Brave!

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