Can I Get a Witness?

Triennial Worship

A great cloud of witnesses gathered in San Diego last week and I was one of the 800+ women.  I spent four days with women who are pressing in to being The Wounded ~ The Healers ~ and The Warriors (and a few good men too).  I felt that one of our main speakers exemplified these callings quite beautifully and with a lot of humor. 

It’s a sermon, not a Ted talk, so set aside the time and let Judy Peterson, campus pastor at North Park University in Chicago, IL lead you to “Disturbing” thoughts in her exploration of Luke 8:1-15. 


Click here to link to “This is Disturbing: Unsettling the Soil”


May your roots grow deep,

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7 responses to “Can I Get a Witness?

  1. I’m curious. Will have to set aside time to listen! Every time I see your website I think of how I have got to introduce you to my daughter. If nothing else you have to see her tattoo. It’s almost the same design. So cool.

  2. Cheryl, I loved Judy’s sermon! I identified with it so much…..yep, my soil’s gettin’ disturbed. Hope you’ve settled back into your routine. Talk soon…..

    • Chrystal – What a gift to meet you face to face at Triennial! I’m so glad you were courageous and joined me there. My soil has definitely been disturbed and God keeps stirring it up as I sit before him seeking his guidance on how to implement “disturbing” ministries into our congregation 🙂 Thank you my friend for your prayers and blessings, I pray I am as faithful to you and your journey. Keep me posted on the steps you take as you get your feet a little muddy in all that disturbed soil!

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  4. Thanks for this link, Cheryl. WOW!!! Lots of soil disturbing coming up at the Iowa Covenant Retreat. I’m glad I got this message – I needed it way more than I had thought. God is good!!!

    • Karen! This was the culminating message of Triennial XIV in San Diego this year! Truly beautiful and Disturbing indeed. I am pushing through and know that God is in this time of preparing. Looking forward to our weekend together!

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