Letting Others Do It Broken, #IDIB

We get it.  We understand we are broken. We know in our intellect that we are all broken.

Because of this knowledge ~ You’d think we would do better on our measures of grace for each other.

However, I have found myself and others saying this statement after a dumping of emotional angst…

and THEY call themselves a Christian!?!” 

Not quite the measure of grace you think we would give.  We, The Church, are often the number one offenders against #IDIB.

Because we KNOW grace we should liberally share it, not become stingy.

I don’t know about you, but often I find it scarier to #IDIB in church rather than the world.

The world doesn’t particularly care if I’m broken as long as I don’t expect them to change their brokenness. Whereas the church communicates – yes we are all broken but… take care of your brokenness in quiet solitude just between you and God, then when you come before us act like you’ve got it all under control.

One thing is true, both the world and church reward one’s ability to hide your brokenness.

Therefore…It takes a great deal of courage to live out #IDIB, I’ll Do It Broken.

“Courage is – to Speak one’s Mind by Telling all one’s Heart.” 

(Brene Brown in So I Thought It was Just Me

Courage = Vulnerability

To live in #IDIB we are really crying out to God for courage before him and with each other.

Courage to fumble through our desires to serve, to relate, to be a part of The Church, to lead, to learn, to sing, to speak, to hug, to cry, to be passionate and to do it broken so we can learn to do it whole!

Just this week I had a chance to practice #IDIB.

Unintentional circumstances communicated a level of rejection to me.  And to be honest it felt like that “glass ceiling” that women talk about in a man’s world.

Ticked-off is an understatement.  But I’ve learned enough about #IDIB to sit in that state of anger until I could get honest enough to say – I’m hurt.

When I could identify where I felt broken then I could approach my brothers in Christ with grace…and humility. 

The call of Christ was for my vulnerability.  I was hurt when… I’m certain you had no intention of communicating what came across.  And they didn’t!

All of us grew that day… we grew in trust of the opposite gender to honor one another, we grew in grace, we grew in Christ’s love.  And my place of pain transformed to a story of beauty.

The reality is this:  Letting Others Do It Broken #IDIB is a sure fire way to get hurt. 

Joyce Meyer said long ago “Hurting people Hurt people.”  It is within our calling as Christ’s kids to recognize the wounds we receive as being sent out by another broken soul.  When we meet their brokenness with our own ~ God has a chance to win – and win BIG!

How do we allow others to #IDIB?

1)      We respond rather than react: triggers of our brokenness can come at any moment, but every time I am triggered it looks and feels like conflict.  Deep emotions well up in seconds and it takes a great deal of self-awareness to not explode or run-and-hide and the truth is – I do just that.  But we must come back! The choice is in how we return in relationship with that person.

2)      Abide in Christ: Making yourself at home in Christ’s love is the only way for him to walk you through the pain and give you guidance in restoration.  Abiding isn’t always the insightful, peaceful presence it is also the weeping and anger – giving Christ a chance to define you.

3)      Grace, Grace and more Grace: None of us want to be approached by someone who is convinced our motives are evil.  Presume the best and let the Holy Spirit be the convictor of souls.  And quite often you will find that communication was the issue, not a defiled heart.  And if it is the heart – that’s God’s realm anyway!

Ready to get messy?  #IDIB and let others #IDIB too.

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One response to “Letting Others Do It Broken, #IDIB

  1. “It is within our calling as Christ’s kids to recognize the wounds we receive as being sent out by another broken soul.” Not always easy to remember in the moment though. God has called this to my attention a couple of times lately. When someone was truly annoying me with her domineering way, He told me “She has needs she’s trying to meet, even if it’s in the wrong way.” That was kinda humbling. Darn. I couldn’t be annoyed any more. 😉 And He brought it to my mind to share with a friend who was mad about what she thought was a slight….we have no idea what is going in the lives of others.

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