Good Morning Lord!

Good Morning Lord

Here I am Lord

Broken yet hopeful

Tired yet resting

Not finished but in process


I need you Lord

I need your presence in this moment

I need to hear your voice

Knitting me together for one more day

Holding together what has been torn apart

Strengthening what has weakened

Being enough for my war torn soul

My aching body

And my spirit that longs to be free


I do not know where I hurt today

But I do hurt

I do not understand the state of my being

But you embrace me as I am

Naked and unashamed

Small but mighty

Pressed down but not defeated


Here I am Lord

Open hands extended

Waiting for you to take all that I offer

It is here

My body

My soul


Knit me together today

Speak wholeness to my being within

So I may do only what you will


Good Morning, Lord!



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3 responses to “Good Morning Lord!

  1. Must tell you that the very morning you wrote this I was scouring the Bible for all the times someone said “Here I am, Lord.”
    No coincidence … more like living-breathing-act-of-the-Spirit to further my contemplation presenting myself as His feet

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