What’s with The Color Purple?

purpleI have always loved purple! 

All of the hues and shades, its presence in clothes, flowers and paint swatches.  For as long as I can remember I have loved purple.  Guess you could say it is my color.  Thus the weaving of purple throughout my blog and website.  Just enough to say this color is me.

As a child I learned that purple was the color of royalty.  Lydia of the New Testament, the first to plant a church in Philippi, was a seller of purple to the wealthy and noble of that region.

I accepted this meaning with a nod in the general direction.  I have agreed with the meaning of Christ establishing me as a daughter of the King of Kings, a princess and heir to his kingdom but it has felt a little more like a global application rather than profoundly personal.

Just for fun I searched for other meanings of purple and found that purple is the “blending of soothing, calm blue with boisterous, energetic red.”  The soothing and calm blue of Abiding with Christ while boisterous and energetic red is the power needed to Take up His fight.

Additionally, The Purple Heart is a military award for those wounded or killed in battle.  Yet another tie to the significance of purple on my blog and website.

But recently as I have had to face my wounded-ness I once again wondered… Why has it been so important to me to emblazon purple in every post? Why do I want myself to remember and others to see this powerful color?

Gently God whispered, “What two colors make purple?

I logically answered, “Blue and Red of course!”

His voice spoke into my question,

“Yes, the blue of your bruises and the red of my blood.”

A burst of deep significance settled within.  Isn’t that the evidence of healing? Where the power of Christ’s sacrifice meets the wounds of my soul and this covering is what makes me royalty, causing me to be worthy of my purple robe.

So if you are tired of the purple, sorry but it is sticking around on this blog, in my heart and as part of my story.  I won’t wait until I am old to wear purple, I will practice it right now!

I love purple for good reasons, for deep meaning.

What’s in your color?

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