Misguided Warriors

Photo courtesy of: Life Publishers, Military Life Application Bible.

Photo courtesy of: Life Publishers, Military Life Application Bible.

In John chapter 18 we have three misguided Warriors that surround the beginning of the end of Jesus’s story here on earth and One Warrior who was obedient to the end to the truest form of War.

The setting: Garden of Gethsamane

Key Warriors are:

Jesus – The King that is not of this world

Judas – The Passive Aggressive Manipulator

Peter – The Impulsive Justice Keeper

Barabbas – The Bold Jewish Freedom Fighter

Jesus – The Just.  Came to earth to win a war we could not hope to conquer without him.  And when he knew the plan that would redeem us, chose to set aside the earthly sword to take up the spiritual sword.  He redeemed what was eternal knowing that it would also redeem our earthly bodies in the end.

Judas – The Manipulator.  Frustrated that Jesus had not made his move to throw off the earthly kingdom of Rome.  Did he join in the demise of Jesus as The Betrayer to provoke him to physical revolt? Or to get Jesus out of the way for the next War Lord? Misguided

Peter – Passionately a follower of Jesus the Christ, exemplified through his impulsive offense in the garden.  Moved to immediate action he chose “the shot heard round the (Christian) world” only to have his instigative aggressiveness squelched by the Healing hand of Jesus.  The servant’s ear that Peter had lobbed off, hoping to start on the offensive action instead of the defense, became a blaring statement that Peter had looked for the war through his human eyes instead of his spiritual heart.  Indeed the battle was waging – but Peter allowed the physical world to trump the spiritual battlefield and ended up denying his alignment with the one who would save his soul. Misguided

Barabbas – The Jewish Freedom Fighter arrested for his actions against Rome.  Known to the Jewish nation as a man willing to lead the war that Jesus Christ would not.  It is interesting that the people chose to exchange one War Lord for another.  They chose foolishly.  Barabbas fought for a temporary freedom.  Jesus fought for eternal freedom.  Barabbas was Misguided.

John 18 begins with Judas, weaves in Peter with his impulsivity and sequential triple denial of Christ, and ends with the release of Barabbas in order to arrest Christ. If you read on you will see completely different reactions to their wayward warring.

Judas – Refused to receive grace for his sin of betrayal. His final act was to hang himself.  Sealing his fate as one who did not seek nor receive forgiveness for his misguided warring.

A Lost Warrior.

Peter – Humiliated and tortured internally he turned back to Christ, asking forgiveness and taking into himself the redemption provided by Christ’s spiritual victory when he died on the cross and rose from the grave.  He became a fierce warrior on the spiritual battlefield establishing the church.

A Redeemed Warrior indeed.

Barabbas – It is unknown how he responded to his release from captivity because of Christ.  Did he simply disappear into the masses of Jews in Rome?  Did he realize that his life had been redeemed by Jesus the Christ, twice in one day?  Did he turn apathetic to the spiritual need of his heart and his people? Or did he continue to war in the physical realm only to lose his soul?

The Wandering Warrior.

How would you describe yourself as a warrior?  Lost – Redeemed – Wandering?

May we seek The Lord’s guidance and behave as Redeemed Warriors.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2)

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