Patrick Stewart ~ Healer and Warrior in 7.5 minutes


Patrick Stewart was always my kind of leader in Star Trek – Next Generation (oops! my inner geekiness just lept out).


His personal story has come to my attention just this week.


He was a child raised in the midst of domestic abuse.  Of course my ears perked up when I saw Star Trek meet one of my passions but I was astounded at the grace and strength he extends in this video.


If you outlast the home-movie cinematography, you will catch a glimpse of one who stands as a


Warrior and Healer


in the same few minutes.


Inspiring. Moving. Truth. Great!



Heather Skye, the recipient of Patrick Stewarts words, blogs on tumblr. if you want to read her first hand experience click here
Being wounded encompasses so many more paths than an abusive childhood or abusive partner.  I have friends who have faced the wounds of chronic and debilitating illness, infertility, divorce, death of a child or loved one.


We are all wounded in some way – at some time in our lives.


If you know of other videos, songs, blogs or thoughts of your own that you would like to share here – with


The Wounded ~ The Healers ~ and The Warriors


please drop me a line in the comments or contact me via email!

We are on this journey together!



One response to “Patrick Stewart ~ Healer and Warrior in 7.5 minutes

  1. LOVE me some Star Trek & especially Jean Luc Picard!!! Anyway, I hadn’t heard about this. More GC’s that I referred to in my first comment. He refers to Refuge in the UK. A few months ago I saw a video that was done for Refuge’s “Don’t Cover It Up” campaign that really impacted me. Well, guess I’ll write a blog post about it now….

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