Understanding our Frame

wartired450 to 1.

Those were the odds Elijah faced when he challenged Ahab and Jezebel to a dual with their prophets of Baal1 Kings 18 & 19 gives the detailed account.  True to God’s form, the underdog won.  Elijah demonstrated great faith and was victorious because God showed himself.

Elijah lay himself low before the Lord.  By faith he made the task of lighting the altar on fire humanly impossible so that WHEN the Lord showed himself it was beyond reason and completely in the faith realm.  After restoring the altar with 12 stones, digging a ditch around it, laying the sacrifice on it, and dousing it with three rounds of water, the Lord answered.  There was no dainty fire that began with smoldering smoke on the sacrifice.  No, the fire descended and consumed all of the water, sacrifice, stone and soil that surrounded it.

With such a victory – you would think Elijah would have danced.

He didn’t – he ran for a day in fear and collapsed by a bush and said, “I have had enough, LORD,”… “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.”

Had I been Elijah, I would have expected a chastising word from God on being so weak.  Here I was a warrior who won and still ran away scared.  How weak would that prove my faith to be?

But God understands our frame and he remembered that Elijah had a mighty spirit contained in a human body, frail in comparison to our God.  Just another example of how our physical beings are tied to our faith and our soul. We may not understand how but we know it is true.

Instead of a reprimand to Elijah’s depression God lets him sleep.  An angel wakes him, feeds him, gives him water and let’s Elijah fall asleep again, repeating the care a second time.

God understands our frame.  It is precisely this understanding that we need to tap into.

When depression hits, when writer’s block comes, when the tears won’t stop, when the relationships run sour all around… we must learn to be still.  We must learn to sit by the living water and be exhausted and listen.  And in that silence whispers from the still small voice of the Lord help us sort through our limitations.

Sometimes, great warriors are quite simply tired, hungry and thirsty. 

If you are discouraged, depressed, scared… Take the time to rest and nourish your physical frame and then listen… you might just hear the still small voice of Lord saying:

“It’s OK.  I remember your frame.  Let me take care of you”

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